Well, it would seem that I’ve been a bit slack with keeping my blog up to date; I knew I hadn’t written anything for a while but I didn’t think it was 9 months ago!  Time certainly does fly.  Perhaps I should explain a bit about what’s been going on…

Some of you will know that I am a primary school teacher by day, and for the last 11 years a deputy head teacher too.  I’ve always loved my job, and before I really got into crochet, school was my hobby as well as my job.  Like most jobs, (and general daily life I suppose!), there’a a certain amount of stress involved and at one point, it did all get a bit too much.  Luckily for me, the crochet came along just at the right time (see previous blog post for more info!) 

When I started to feel less stressed and the grey mist started to clear, I started to question more about what made me happy, where / how I wanted to spend my time, and where I saw myself in the future.  We all have ‘pipe dreams,’ maybe owning a cafe by the sea, or working for yourself or travelling around the world but I started to wonder whether those dreams had to stay as dreams or whether they could actually become reality.  And it dawned on me that if you want them to happen then you have to do something about it.  So I did.

The first thing I did was read this amazing book called Jim & The Universe by D.M. Green.  I won’t tell you about it in case you want to read it but it really did make me think!

Then I took a huge risk and resigned from my job as a primary school teacher.  It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made and it probably took me over a year to actually make the final decision, but once I made it, I knew it was the right one. 

So, what was my ‘pipe dream’ I hear you ask?!  Well, someone once said to me, ‘You can’t make a living out of crochet,’ and I wanted to see whether I could!  Not necessarily to prove them wrong, but to see where it would go if I gave it more time and energy.  I’m sure there’s a famous saying here somewhere but I would rather give this a go and see what happens (whether it works or not), rather than always wondering if it would.

And now maybe you’re wondering how I fill my days?  I’m still teaching in primary schools but as a supply teacher so I have more free time during the evenings and weekends and the bonus days off when I don’t get a phone call at 7am in the morning.  This means I am able to offer more crochet workshops, design and make more crocheted items (and write the patterns too) as well as attend more craft fairs.  All the exciting crochet plans that I kept dreaming up when I was teaching full time are now starting to take shape….and this makes me very happy 🙂