So here it is, the second BLOGCAST interview!  This month, I’ve been chatting to Sally, who was one of the first people that I didn’t already know, who came to learn to crochet with me. I’m not sure who was more nervous?!  Anyway, let’s find out a bit more about Sal…

I’ve just checked the booking system and I taught you to crochet on the 30th September 2017!  How was that for you?!

Hand on heart it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!! My great grandmother crocheted and I’d always wanted to try it, but never got around to it! I thought Nicola was going to be some 80 year old ex-teacher in some spooky little cottage, so you can imagine my delight and relief when I turned up and had that awesome first lesson!! I am absolutely hooked now!!

Have you spread the crochet love in any way?

I couldn’t stop telling people that they should be crocheting!! I think quite a few of my friends, family & work colleagues have since been inspired and have had lessons with Nicola!

What crochet make are you most proud of?

I think my most recent crochet project to make bereavement hearts for patients and families during the Covid crisis has made me feel the most proud, to think that I can contribute with such a small token to help people. Being a nurse myself, and also my daughter Meg, we see every day the emotional toil this is having on our patients and their loved ones, so to be able to help like this is just so wonderful and humbling.

How does crocheting make you feel?

Crochet gives me such a sense of achievement! I still can’t believe the things I can make and that I can make things up myself or change patterns too!!  It’s an absolute stress buster too, hence my mug also reads…..I crochet so I don’t kill people!!!! Obviously, this doesn’t apply to my patients!!!!!

Is daily life the same / different for you during lockdown?

Life has changed completely. I’m missing seeing my family and friends so much, especially my daughter Meg & her boyfriend Jack who live in Southampton. Meg is a nurse in children’s oncology and Jack’s a Dr currently working on Covid wards so I am desperately worried that they’re staying safe at work. I’ve been redeployed to work at Great Western Hospital in Swindon so that’s a huge change for me but the staff there are so lovely and the traffic isn’t too bad commuting!! On the plus side I love hearing the birds sing and the fact it’s so quiet…….apart from 8pm on a Thursday night when the whole street go mad with clapping and I literally stand there crying with emotion!

Finally, what’s your claim to fame?!

Well a few claims to fame!! I know Nicola loves the one where I was the first patient of the season who tested positive for swine flu a few years ago!! I didn’t realise until one of the doctors looking after me said it had been announced on Points West! Not my name thank goodness! I was part of a guard of honour for The Queen at a Commonwealth Day service as our religious studies class were chosen…..don’t ask me why!! I danced with Bryan Ferry and Eddie ‘the eagle’ Edwards one night at a Cheltenham night club when I was doing my nurse training!! I had a very posh friend who used to have access to these exclusive places!!!

Thank you so much to Sally for taking the time to answer a few questions for us, particularly during this time when Sal is one of our front line heroes.  If you’ve made any of the bereavements hearts recently and dropped them around to me, it’s Sally’s daughter Meg who we’ve been helping!

I can’t believe it’s nearly 3 years ago that I taught Sally to crochet; where has the time gone?  Since that day, Sal has been to most of my workshops with her daughter Meg (who she taught to crochet), and she also loves a bit of Yarn & Yap on a Thursday evening with her friend Liz (who I also taught to crochet!) I even taught Sally’s mother in law to crochet but that’s another story….!