Come and join me in the Crochet Cabin and learn how to crochet something new!

Relaxed and friendly, my workshops have anywhere between 2-6 people (which is a great chance to meet new people and talk about crochet!) and include the yarn, pattern, as much tea and coffee as you can drink and some delicious biscuits.

Please note: apart from learn to crochet sessions, all workshops require a basic knowledge of how to crochet.

Beginners Crochet

If you can already crochet a little bit, but are not very confident, my Beginners’ Crochet Workshop is definitely for you! Bring along your hook and I’ll teach you a few more basic stitches that can be used to make things like hearts and flowers, as well as hats, scarves and gloves etc. We’ll also look at reading some basic patterns too.

Groovy Granny Squares

After you’ve mastered the treble stitch in the Learn to Crochet session, come back and learn how to make the very popular granny square. Granny squares are so versatile; they can be used for blankets, cushion covers and many other things.

Increasing & Descreasing

There are lots of patterns out there that require you to be able to increase and decrease stitches so in this workshop I’ll teach you how to do it! We’ll make a 3D stuffed heart – a perfect little gift for someone.

V Shape Scarf

Once you’ve mastered the basic crochet technique and have a stitch or 2 up your sleeve, come back and learn how to make a light and airy V shaped scarf. These scarves are actually quite easy to make once you get started and become quite addictive very quickly!

Marvellous Mittens

Learn how to crochet some warm and cosy mittens; perfect for those cold winter days.  Make them as a gift or keep them for yourself! 

Super Slippers

Learn how to crochet some really super slippers! If you’re anything like me and you’ve always got cold feet, these are perfect for you!

Beautiful Blankets

I have a variety of blanket workshops on offer at the moment; there’s the ever so popular waffle stitch blanket, as well as a workshop where we learn how to crochet a variety of simple baby blankets.

Brilliant Baskets

Learn how to crochet a brilliant basket – perfect for storing your yarn in! Choose from a variety of bright and colourful yarn and choose your applique for the front of the basket.

Basic Pattern Reading

How many times have I heard you say ‘I can’t read patterns!’ Well, let me show you how.  We’ll have a look at some basic crochet abbreviations and phrases, as well as how patterns are set out and structured, and then we’ll put our practise to the test and follow a pattern to make something! 

Spring Wreaths

Learn to crochet your very own spring wreath, filled with daffodils, flowers and cute butterflies.  These look great hung on the front door, and can even be given as Mother’s day gifts. 

Pretty Plant Holder

Learn how to crochet these fabulous plant hangers – perfect for hanging outside in the summer or inside during the colder weather!

Chunky Necklaces

Learn how to make these gorgeous chunky necklaces – made using recycled t-shirts. These necklaces look great with any outfit and can be made using a variety of colours.

Eco-Friendly Crochet

Learn how to crochet a soap sock, a wash cloth and some make up remover pads – all these items can be reused and therefore help to reduce your plastic use.

Excellent Edging

Learn how to crochet excellent edgings for your blankets and scarves; a really great way to finish off your projects. These edgings can be used on other crocheted items too.

Seasonal Workshops

Depending on the time of year, there will be a variety of seasonal workshops on offer, from Easter cards to Halloween pumpkins! Click on the button to find out more.

Contact me

If you'd like to know more about learning to crochet or any of the workshops, please get in touch - I'd love to hear from you.