So, in my last blog post, I told you a bit about my close friends (the ones I can count on one hand, and who I would be lost without) and about the lovely people that I have had the privilege of teaching to crochet over the last two years.  I mentioned that lots of these lovely people are coming to my other crochet workshops, and I’m proud to be able to call some of them ‘my regulars!’  I’m not ashamed to admit that I have started to keep a list of their favourite drinks so when they return for a workshop,  I can say, “would you like your usual drink Meg?!’ (which is fine, until Meg stops having sugar in her tea and starts having sweeteners instead).  

This blog post is similar in a way, but it’s more about the new friends I am making on the journey of setting up my little business and about how much they have helped me.  If you remember, I’m not particularly sociable, so meeting new people can be a bit daunting for me! Keeping with the drinks theme, and not wanting to embarrass these people by naming them, I will refer to them by what their favourite drinks are!

In no particular order, first up we have ‘Decaf Cappuccino, no chocolate sprinkles.’ This lady has helped me tremendously; not just because she supplies me with all types of yarny goodness for my crochet addiction,  but also because she recommends me as someone to go to for crochet lessons and workshops.  This means A LOT to me; a recommendation from her is worth its weight in gold.  At least once a fortnight, you will find me perched on her sofa, having a cuppa and talking crochet.  Being a primary teacher for the last 16 years, I have very little (none actually!) experience of running a business but this lady has given me lots of advice that I am extremely grateful for.  More recently, we have started to venture out on a Friday evening with our notepad and pen to plan how we are going to achieve world domination by crochet; it’s not an easy task but we’re going to start with a ‘Crochet Stay Away!’

Next up, let me tell you about ‘Flat White, no sugar’ (if we are out) or ‘White Tea, no sugar’ (if we’re at home!)  This lady makes me laugh; she’s incredibly funny and we have got to know each other quite well over the last year.  We used to see each about once a month (always the 2nd Saturday) and all of our contact was done through messenger, but recently we’ve taken things to the next level by swapping mobile numbers and buying a gazebo together!  It’s all or nothing with this one I tell you!  Flat White has been really kind to me; before we bought a gazebo together, she used to let me share hers at craft markets.  This might not sound like much but through sharing the gazebo at the first event we did together, has led to many other opportunities for both of us.  From that tiny act of kindness, great things have happened!  And it turns out we also have something in common….we both love a bit of bird watching!

Last, but certainly not least, is ‘Black Tea, two sweeteners.’  Now, I’ve actually known this one for a while but in a different context to where we are now.  It all started when this lovely lady won a voucher for one of my crochet lessons early last year.  It took her bloody ages to book it (!) but when she finally did and we got talking, it turned out that we had a fair bit in common about what we wanted for the future.  To cut a long story short, Black Tea has just taken a huge leap of faith and handed in her notice at work to follow her dreams…and I couldn’t be prouder of her!  It might not surprise you to know that we, too, have exciting plans, as well as a notepad each of ideas!  I’m so looking forward to working more closely with this one, and the bonus is that she also loves an awkward silence so we’re a match made in heaven.